Policies & guidelines

Company Enforced policies & guidelines: Our terms & condition of service

Acceptance for use of our services as offered constitutes a legally binding agreement wherein all parties named may expect fulfillment within all terms outlined in this document to the utmost ability of each party. Our company agrees to provide within the regulations of local and federal law all approved services as listed with expectation of payment receipt within 24 hours of service invoicing.


  • Invoicing: Our system auto-generates a comprehensive invoice upon marked completion of services. This document will be sent via email and available through your client portal secure login access (web browser and mobile app options available).
  • Services are billed as Flat Rate or Hourly and detailed below for clarification purposes.
  • Flat Rate: Services with flat rate are billed per Qty/Visit for Each Service Visit. Some services are subject to change to hourly billing at owner discretion should required conditions not be met and in keeping a flat rate billing the company will be financially hurt/impacted or inadequately compensated for the time and efforts rendered at request of the client.
  • Hourly: Final Invoice Cost  for ANY hourly billed service will be calculated based on the hourly rate quoted x number of crew x prorated time log (length of time spent on site).
  • A minimum may apply to some hourly services and should be noted in the estimate description line.
  • Please note while we strive for perfection, on occasion a time log or other computer error may render an invoice incorrect. If you receive an invoice with errors please notify our office manager immediately. A review will be conducted to verify and remedy any issues that require a manager override to correct.
  • Payments: All accounts unless noted otherwise are COD and payments for invoices are due within 24 hours of receipt.
  • We do not accept check payments for recurring services due to processing time delays and to eliminate security concerns.
  • A secured PCI compliant Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE) system is used for all bank account and credit/debit card transactions to include the processing/storing of card information through our online system for 1-time and auto-pay.
  • Auto-Pay is offered to all customers and allows clients who approve terms and conditions to have a card on file that can be used to pay balances without any additional login/approval required after initial sign up and consent.
  • Client Portal Payment: Customers choosing to self pay can use the client portal to submit a payment online.
  • Past Due / Account Fees: Please note that continuous/consecutive Late Payments may result in pause/cancellation of services until a card is put on file. Accounts become eligible for submission to an outside Collection Agency at 30 day mark past the original due date and will be considered ineligible for future services without company owner/ manager approval.
  • At our discretion all Invoices are subject to the fees listed below (or as allowed by state law).
  • A $15 in house collection fee may be applied per invoice not paid within 48 hours of successful invoice receipt.
  • We charge a 12% annual or one time $25 late fee, whichever is greater, on all past due invoice amounts over 30 days old or sooner as allowed by law.
  • This does not replace or invalidate other fees billed to the account prior to or separate from 30 day late fees.
  • Trip fees of $15-45 dollars can be applied to accounts with services not deliverable/rendered on the pre-schedule date
  • Fee varies based on expenses incurred to dispatch crews for service without advance client communication to notify of issues preventing service including cancellation, lack of access, change of codes, and other such conditions.
  • Some Fees can be waived by management/owner approval on a case by case basis for eligible accounts and are dependent upon circumstantial situation details provided and past account credit/payment history.
  • Customer Account Management Option: Upon approval of services all clients are given access to create a secure account management login ("client portal") for access to invoices, payment processing, profile details and service history of Each property on file for services through our company. This is not a requirement and does not affect eligibility for services.


  • Permissions/Access: With service approval our company has been provided limited time full yard access to the property address authorized for services listed on a signed proposal document agreement. We strive to perform services within this allotted time or less but cannot guarantee an exact time required for each individual visit.
  • Property access includes license to take photos of the areas pertaining to services for documentation of property conditions to be kept in perpetuity for management review to include quality control, training, and record keeping purposes; photos kept in logs are for internal reference only. Unless granted other rights by the homeowner we maintain only limited social and digital rights and reserve the right to use photos as proof of service in the event of a dispute regarding our company and any service visits recorded during authorized access as given by the named person(s).
  • It is client 's responsibility to ensure any gates on property are unlocked prior to crew arrival and that all personal property items that may incur damage from normal service equipment is moved/covered.
  • Yard space should be made fully accessible each day of service and any combination lock/gate codes provided in advance. If access is not available for scheduled services, or changes to access information has not been submitted to our office staff 24 hours in advance of a service date, you may be liable for a trip fee not to exceed the cost of your service.
  • We will do our best to mow around any items left in the yard space but cannot be held liable for damage to items or unfinished services for areas containing personal property items not removed by owner.
  • Recurring flat rate services are subject to Quarterly reviews to be performed on as needed basis. We use this to evaluate the budgeted time vs time logged on site to ensure fair and accurate pricing and gauge individual property needs.
  • In the event a service property is found to frequently exceed the allocated time for service, a rate change may be enforced to accommodate the time required for each visit and ensure efficiency in routing service schedules.
  • Change Request Policy: All service change requests must be received within a 48 hour period prior to service date. (A service change is any request that alters the original service, such as skip requests, change of frequency, etc.)
  • Customers are free to cancel services at any time without notice but may be subject to fees/charges as applied if a reasonable notice is not provided verbally or in writing to our office staff before the date of a scheduled service. Reasonable Notice is considered 48 hours to allow processing and submission of account changes to take effect.
  • Requests received with less than 48 hours processing time may incur a prioritization fee to expedite your change request in advance of the next scheduled service date if required to avoid a more expensive fee/charge.
  • Expedite processing availability is subject to change.
  • Management is not responsible and will not reimburse/void invoices for services performed when cancel/skip request was submitted outside of 48 hour window as required.
  • Skip requests are limited to two (2) non consecutive skip services per growing season consisting of Spring- Early Fall to stay eligible for quoted flat rate Mowing Service.
  • Service costs are based on route density, estimated time necessary to complete service of maintained yard and calendar based service schedule. Therefore Any requests beyond 2 skips between April and October may result in pause/cancellation of your Flat Rate service visits.
  • Continued service can change to Hourly billed mowing scheduled upon each client portal request submitted. (You will be required to sign a new proposal agreeing to the billing terms for your property service visits on hourly rate basis and submit a new service request ticket for Each New Service Visit you wish to receive. This allows you to control how many visits you receive each month but is subject to schedule availability and may not fall on the same service day as recurring.)
  • If your property is having erratic /slow growth patterns inside of the growing season, please consider lawn health services for improved results . Soil conditions and watering habits also factor heavily into plant growth rates.
  • Ask us for a helpful homeowner DIY email newsletter and/or service recommendations to help your lawn

We are not responsible for damages to property items left in the yard, invisible fencing systems, or unmarked utilities: cable, wire, pipe, etc.


  • Please note: important correspondence regarding your account/services will be sent to you via your email on file as an SMS to your mobile number provided. These are not marketing messages and will not be blocked with a STOP request.
  • Be sure to check regularly while receiving our services to avoid missing account updates that may impact scheduled services and/or accounting issues requiring your attention.
  • Due to risks of injury or damage - We do Not use high velocity equipment to service areas containing granite, mulch, or rocks. Desirable plants damaged upon request of weed eating in beds will not be covered under our service satisfaction guarantee as this is Not recommended as a substitute for hand weeding and herbicide.
  • Due to liability issues, we cannot service yards containing any pets or animals occupying the service area.
  • Contract Agreements are priced based on current market costs and are subject to change until such time as the work has been authorized via written signature approval by named persons on the document.
  • While we want our customers to be happy, we must enforce a Complaint Deadline thereby limiting free corrections to complaints issued within 1 week of the service date. All touch up services/corrections will be at the company owner's discretion and is based on the nature of the complaint, services provided, service photos, and other details as gathered for final review.
  • Please note we no longer accept paper checks via regular mail!
  • We are requesting customers use the office SMS line for text communications regarding their services and submit any requests (including change, cancel and estimate requests) through the client portal so that all office staff have access to the requests.

We offer customers a satisfaction guarantee window of up to 5 business days from date of service completion. You may not be eligible if: a final walk through was completed with the client the day services were performed in which the reported issues were reviewed during the final inspection without initiation of a correction request at the time.

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