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If you were to ask your friends and neighbors what the best yard care product available was, and they may tell you the brand of a chemical treatment or an expensive equipment model. However, there is one organic item that many people overlook, even though it can solve most of their needs with one application. Mulching is a collection of shredded and compressed wood and plant materials that get scattered throughout lawns and around the bases of plants. Installing these wood chips helps to cushion root systems, as well as helps combat weeds and pests.

When you need quality installation services for your mulching needs, you need Macario Brothers Lawn Care. We purchase organic mulching in bulk so that it’s always at the ready for your yards. We provide affordable rates, experienced service contractors, and the highest quality of mulching that we can find. When you need a safer way to promote healthier plants, our team stays here for you.

Is Mulching Safe?

Unlike many lawn fertilization products, mulching remains one of the safest care techniques that you could use. No chemicals get added to the ground up wood, allowing it to protect and slowly nourish your yards. We purchase your best mulch ahead of time so that it’s always at the ready for your plants. By installing it along the base of bushes, shrubs, and flower beds, we can better insulate and defend the root systems from harm.

Sudden changes in temperature and pest infestations can quickly leave your plants sickly. However, most weeds and bugs lack the strength to push through wood chips, making it nearly impossible for them to harm your favorite plants. There are few items as useful or practical for your lawns like safe and organic mulching installation. Contact us today to give your yards the best care possible for less.

What Color is Mulching?

Mulching can take on a variety of different colors, but some companies use artificial dyes and paints to achieve it. Better mulching takes its differing color shades from using different species of plants as a base. Some wood naturally appears darker, while others may have tinges of red to it. Whatever colors that you hope to find, we likely carry it in stock.

Our team installs natural wood mulching, black, brown, and red, allowing you to discover the best color for your yards. We believe mulching should remain as decorative as it is functional, improving your lawn’s overall appearance. If you are still searching for a better way of keeping your grass and plants healthier, it’s difficult to beat organic mulching installation. Call Macario Brothers Lawn Care today for your affordable and convenient mulch services.

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