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Leaf Removal

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Even in the state of Texas, the typical yard has mounds of fallen leaves to contend with week after week. And if you are like many residents in town, you may think your only options are to use a rake or a leaf blower. Using either of these tools soon lead to the user staying drenched in sweat, as well as a hand full of blisters. Worst yet is how ineffective they seem in most applications.

Instead, Macario Brothers Lawn Care provides affordable and fast leaf removal services that keep your yards cleaner for less. Whether you have autumn leaves dropping or had strong bursts of wind and rain, we remain the best choice each time. We can either remove all your fallen leaves from your property or turn them into lawn mulching for healthier grass. Whatever method works best for you, we’ll help you save more on each service call.

Leaf Mulching

Typical landscaping mulch gets made from chips of wood and dried plants. However, most landscaping professionals agree that mulched leaves remain a fast and effective way of feeding grass lawns. We use our commercial grade lawn mower to shred leaves where they lie rather than cleaning them out. The ground plant material will slowly decompose, releasing more nutrients into the ground in the process.

Because leaf mulching doesn’t rely on toxic chemicals or fertilizers, most homeowners prefer this service option over traditional lawn fertilizers. And best of all, there are no unsavory odors to contend with when spreading it all out. When you need a more cost-effective way of nourishing your lawns, leaf mulching remains a top consideration. Call us now to hire us for your yards today.

Leaf Removal

Of course, for many yards, there are just too many dead leaves taking away from their curb appeal. However, most homeowners simply don’t have the hours of free time available to rake them all away. We make your yard removal needs a breeze by pilling them all into a massive tarp in the center of your yard. Once we pile them all into the middle, we bundle it up and haul it away.

Hiring us means clearing your yard of all your lost leaves, either from desert plants like bougainvillea or trees, bushes, and flowers. It doesn’t matter how many you need to get removed; we won’t stop until your yard looks its best. When you have leaves that can’t get left behind, you need us to make quick work of your most massive mounds. No one else makes leaf removal straightforward like the team behind Macario Brothers Lawn Care.

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