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Core Aeration

Core Aeration

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At first, you were somewhat relieved to see that your grass wasn’t growing as rapidly as it usually does. However, over time, it starts causing concern as to why your lawns are seemingly stuck. When your grass receives the same level of moisture and sunlight, the primary thing preventing it from growing healthier is often clumps of compacted soil. Over time, dirt, gravel, and plant material clog areas where water and air would otherwise drain away, causing obstructions and limiting your yards’ progress. If your grass all seems to have gotten stunted or it doesn’t appear to be receiving enough water, you likely need quality core aeration services by Macario Brothers Lawn Care. Our team has the service experience that you can depend on for better yards for less.

Core aeration is a frequently requested need by many homeowners, and chances are you could benefit from it as well. Call us today to choose us as your affordable core aeration landscapers.

What is Core Aeration?

When the area of grass just above the surface of the ground starts weaving together, it means that there are solid plugs of earth that need to get removed. However, it isn’t as straightforward as searching for an item that gets pulled out, and it requires a specialized tool to handle. Our team provides a commercial grade core aeration device that digs into the dirt and removes plugs of compacted earth. What that will do is allow fresh air and moisture to reach back down into the grass’ roots, promoting healthier growing conditions each time.

The process doesn’t take much longer than grass cutting or yard edging, and our team ensures that your job receives the best quality possible. Our experienced team of landscaping contractors knows just what your grass needs to grow its best every day. Don’t allow your yards to remain clogged and stunted when we provide a fast and affordable service call instead. Contact us today for a better value for core aeration services.

Why Core Aeration?

Over time, all grass will start developing dense cores of dirt that keep them feeling choked. That process begins sooner when there is heavy foot traffic in the area, as well as tons of precipitation and pet activity. If you have ever wondered why sports fields appear so vibrant, it is because they likely use core aeration regularly. The added use and damage will otherwise cause the grass to get compacted more quickly, forcing the maintenance team to perform services more frequently.

Your home likely only needs core aeration once a year, reducing your upkeep costs and helping you save on irrigation needs. When you need a cost-effective way of keeping your grass alive, you need us to help you now. Contact us for the best in local core aeration services and keep your lawns healthier every day. No one else allows your yards to appear lusher like Macario Brothers Lawn Care.

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