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Landscape Maintenance

Landscape Maintenance

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There are many more items to proper landscaping maintenance than only focusing on how tall your grass grows. However, you might not know it when you use many of the local lawn care company options in the community. Instead, you deserve a landscaping service provider who ensures that your grass, bushes, and shrubs remain in the hands of experts. And when other contractor service options fail to impress, you need the company more area homeowners rely on daily. Macario Brothers Lawn Care offers a broad range of service options that keep your lawns greener, lusher, and healthier for less. Whatever your yards need to keep growing better, we offer it all each time.

Call today to schedule us for all your landscaping service needs and save more on every visit. No one else achieves a higher degree of quality for yards as we do for more customers.

Bush Trimming

Your bushes enhance your yards’ appearances while promoting increased privacy. However, when they become overgrown, it means improving your risk of pests and animals moving in. Instead, you can have our team provide you with the best in local bush trimming services. By carefully pruning and snipping away at dead leaves and branches, as well as overgrowth, it promotes better growing conditions and leaves your shrubs looking lovely. Otherwise, you’re only creating a simple way for birds and pests to start their nests, as well as the other wildlife that preys on them. Before you wind up with dangerous wildlife hanging out in your yards, you need us today. Keep your bushes and shrubs from taking over your lawns with the best in professional bush trimming services. We can save you more on quality results each time.

Mulch Installation

Many homeowners wind up spending a fortune on pest control formulas and plant fertilizers. Some products remain ineffective, while others wind up killing off the plants you had wanted to keep. Using too many pest control products or fertilization items can wind up causing a ton of poisoned plants throughout your yard. Instead, you want a more natural approach to controlling pests and weeds, as well as providing enhanced nutrition to plants. Instead, you can count on us for faster, more affordable mulch installation than any other service provider around. We offer your plants the best in all-natural protection that also feeds them over time. Most landscaping professionals agree that mulch installation is among the best things you can do for your yards. Contact us for your mulching service needs today.


Many yards struggle with not only preventing weed growth but removing the ones that have already sprouted. Unlike most plants, weeds just need a few weeks to mature rather than months. Some weed control sprays have proven themselves to cause health problems in people, while there is also the matter of expense. However, pulling them out by hand is backbreaking work, and it’s likely not something you want to handle.

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